Photo Friday: Soho Teen Party

melissa mugshot Guys, you know that Soho Press has a YA line now, right? Soho Teen has six titles out this spring (enter to win them all here!). Exciting! One title is Who Done It? an anthology that includes dozens of awesome authors giving alibis in a murder case. So. Much. Fun. There was a party last night to benefit 826 NYC, and I was there (as were a ton of your favorite authors--check out the mugshot wall!).

I had partners in crime, though, including David Ostow, Michael Northrop and Micol Ostow, below. (Note that the "hide your beer" move that I learned for photos is not quite working here--but almost.)

group shot soho

It was a really fun night and you have a bunch of great books to check out, so go!

Happy Friday!