Photo Friday: L&D

L&D is hospital speak for "Labor & Delivery." One more baby-related week! First, the final photo of me, 9 months pregnant!

And an in-labor shot at home (early on, while I could still smile). Note my Tim Riggins-worn Friday Night Lights tee. It helped me be strong! And so did Dave, of course.

(Here is Tim Riggins in this very shirt on TV! It looks better on him. Am I getting off subject?)

And now, fully on the other side of things, I master the Moby Wrap and can go for Happy Hour again.

I love a happy ending! Have a great weekend!

PS-Can I mention again how much I love my FNL shirt? I bid way too much for it on ebay. It was my baby gift to myself. It came with a certificate of authenticity. It might be my FAVORITE (inanimate) thing this summer.