Photo Friday: Art Shows and Uncle Mike

Last night I went to an art show for my friend the amazing artist Pete Kephart, who lives near some of my family in West Virginia. His show was called Painting With Fire, and he does amazing stuff, like this one:

While at the show, there was a huge explosion outside on the street, which seemed like a publicity stunt (fire art?) but wasn't. I emailed the NY Times with a tip about it, and they came over to talk to Pete and ran this story today!

My Uncle Mike drove into the city from Massachusetts, and I got to hang out with him and his delightful friend Jeff and charming friend Dorothy. Seeing Uncle Mike is fun. I used to spend every summer visiting him, my Aunt Susan and my cousin Curry. Plus, he's my dad's brother -- he reminds me of my father. And I miss that guy a lot.

We posed normally, then my uncle and I compared bumps (he said, "I'm a little further along than you are."):

Speaking of bumps, I have a new blog over at It's called The Newbie, and it's all about the impending mom-hood (I will not subject you to that on this blog!). But if you're interested, or if you have mom-style advice for me, check it out.

Happy Friday!