NPR: 3 Books on Fashion

nprlogo_138x46.gifThis was kind of a big week for me. I checked off two big items on my Life Dream list!First, I got to see Oprah (I believe I may have talked about that enough). fashion_200.jpgSecond, I recorded a radio story for NPR. It was one I wrote about three books I love that have to do with fashion, and how ingenuity and innovation always rule over riches, even in the world of runways and supermodels. vintagela_200.jpgWalking into the NPR building on 42nd Street was exciting! It was 8am, and I was told by the producer to drink a lot of water. I did! But not enough. My voice was still raspy on the first couple of runthroughs. Finally, it cleared a little, and I was told to slow down, take deep breaths, relish the words I'd written as I spoke. dv_200.jpgMan, it was hard! The radio tech was awesome--very encouraging and kind. She told me that she'd once been to Diana Vreeland's apartment to tape a show with the legendary fashion editor. And she was very encouraging and kind as I recorded my piece. As I walked back to the subway, I was giddy. NPR! Me! Dream come true. I hope you guys can take a read or listen to the show, which aired on All Things Considered on Thursday night. If you like it, recommend it or comment? Also, thanks to Amber, who wrote about Violet on the Runway last year for NPR, and inadvertently opened the door for this opportunity!