Monday: The Launch of YA for Obama!!

We interrupt our usual Cover Stories because today is the launch of the fantastic YA for Obama site, the brainchild of Miss Maureen Johnson, she of wonderful books and blog hilarity. I did say that I wouldn't get political on this blog, and I really won't go on and on about why there's one particular presidential candidate who is, um, more favored by me. Promise. But I'll totally get political on YA for Obama, so become a member if you want to join me. Seriously, everyone is welcome. Dissenting view? COOL! We want discussion, thoughtful commentary and a wide range of opinions. And we want people of all ages, voting eligible or not, "Young Adult" or not. This is your space (but not in that scary college admissions way). Lots of your favorite authors are over there, including Sarah Dessen, Meg Cabot, Libba Bray, Scott Westerfeld and so many, many more. I'll keep that widget on the left of this blog so you can click through anytime from here. Promise to friend me if you join! Also, you may notice that there's a widget for the Best Buy IMO survey, which is for teens ages 13-17, so if you fall in that range, click through for a very quick set of questions. I love that they're measuring political opinions of smart teens who aren't officially voting yet, but who certainly have something to say! Okay, political talk over. Later this week I promise to post a cover story. I just couldn't ignore this launch day! Happy Monday.