Marketing Monday: Family Circle and a How-To

family%20circle.jpg I really love writing stories about people who are doing Good in the world, and I'm posting my latest one, which was in the March issue of Family Circle (click on it for a larger, readable image). It's about Sarah Symons, founder of The Emancipation Network. I wanted to share the pitching story for those of you who are interested in magazine writing. I knew that Family Circle didn't cover international issues very often, so I crafted this pitch by pointing out that Sarah is a 43-year-old mother of two from Massachusetts, and that her organization is really a community effort. She involves friends, family, church members, etc. Her home life, which is very relatable to Family Circle readers, gives her story the right angle for the magazine.I wrote more about breaking into magazine writing for's freelancing site this week. Hope these tips are helpful! Magazine writing really is a great way to spread the word about amazing people like Sarah. Happy Monday! PS-I ordered a pretty bracelet from The Emancipation Network, made from magazine strips! Who knew?