Marketing Monday: Evan Handler

evan_handler.jpg Recently, through the awesome author of Wake, Lisa McMann, I got to interview Evan Handler. You may know him as Harry (Charlotte's boyfriend) from Sex and the City, or as agent Harry Runkle on Californication (a fantastic show). Let me just say that Evan is smart and funny and awesome. His new book, It's Only Temporary, is his second memoir.To quote my own review: "Evan Handler's second memoir is heavy, light, illuminating, infuriating, jaded and joyful. Finding his way in the world (again) after surviving an "incurable" cancer that hit him while he was an actor on the rise in his 20s, Handler muddles through relationships with a hard-boiled charm that won me over. It's a fantastic read." Anyway, the interview is about how even famous people have to hustle a little to promote their books... it's an enlightening interview for authors especially. Read it here. Enjoy! PS-Update: I saw the movie! It is just right and true to the show. I always wanted to be Carrie, but my friend Jeff once told me I'm more like Miranda, really, and that's true.