Little Willow and the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog

100620071456212597.jpg I did two fun interviews in the past week, one with high school student Ren from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and one with the famed Little Willow, who asked me questions about teenagers and body image (something that comes up a lot in my soon-to-be-released second book, Violet by Design). Our interview is here, and the related ELLEgirl story that I'm still proud of, "Love Your Body," is here.I also want to call attention to the fabulous post by DC Goodwill Fashion Blogger Em yesterday, highlighting the dearth of black models on runways and in editorial pages. She posted some gorgeous photos of Alek Wek, Beverly Johnson, Chanel Iman and Veronica Webb, too. I'll just add one of my favorite models, Ajuma Nasenyana (pictured here), who's from Kenya. Question for you guys (Little Willow asked me this and I kind of hemmed and hawed, as you'll see in the interview): What do you think of the BMI (Body Mass Index) policies for models which are being put into place in some countries (where models have to meet a certain minimum BMI to work--that means they can't be too skinny)? Do you think America should follow suit? PS-Two more days to win Jolene's awesome book. Comment Here!