Photo Friday: Winter Wedding + Links!

My lovely friends Will and Orla got married a few weekends ago. They live in Dublin but their families flew all the way from Ireland to be at their wedding in Vermont! A wedding with Irish people is extra fun, trust me. Here are some photos:Me on the steps of the very white the Stowe Community Church: Churchsteps.jpg Just married, and so smiley! marriedwill.jpg I'm telling you, these two are like moviestars in their lovely winter buggy: buggy.jpg They had a dreamy starry cake: starrycake.jpg Orla wore amazing glitter Louboutins (yes, Julia, real ones): glittershoes.jpg Oh, and we did a little skiing too. crosscountry.jpg Fun, fun! And I'm going to share some links too, because I found a lot this week that I was into and I like to share: * I heart this writer. On Gabourey Sidibe from Precious: "She IS full-sized, mofos. She's not ashamed of it. Stop being ashamed for her! DAMN." Go read this awesome rant. * Erika at Cafe Fashionista interviewed me about my style secret and I totally spilled it. * You can follow a Magic 8-Ball on twitter and it'll respond with yes/no/etc when you @ it! * Your shot at a signed copy of Lovestruck Summer ends on 3/15 (check out all the Teen Fiction Cafe posts -- we got deep into writing and the life of an author this week for our third anniversary!) * Stole this from Linda Gerber, but totally love Simone Elkeles's trailers -- so professional! Had to share: Happy Friday! Got links to share? Tell me below! Oh, and PS: (Can't help it -- EXCITED. Although I think the New Moon trailer was better.)