Photo Friday: Last Friday's Winner and Stamps and Links

You'd never know I once wrote headlines professionally, would you? Lame.Anyway, the winner of the amazing graphic novel The Plain Janes is... Lenore! Send me your address, L. Lenore also has a great interview with a book publicist up on her blog, so check that out if you're a reviewer--really interesting! m_539aab079631f47397e86dccb5a2f10b.jpg And speaking of reviewers, there's a new kid on the block: The Book Nymph! She won a copy of Boy Meets Boy on Win-It Wednesday and wrote me a thank you message along with her review of the book. It was so thorough and well done, I suggested she start a book blog, and she said she'd been dreaming of doing just that! And now... The Book Nymph is here. Go visit and check out her style. (Warning: She's detailed! So there are Spoilers on the Violet in Private review). I also wanted to thank ChariDee for the review of VIP--she even quoted a poignant passage with the word "boob" in it, which made me happy. Now, the photo part of Photo Friday: I bought some of those Liberty Bell stamps recently in the machine because I was in a rush, and I hated it. I have a confession to make: I obsess over cool stamps. I'm especially into the women of Hollywood, so below I'm going to share some stamps that I've loved over the years. Anyone else have a weird quirky thing with stamps? images-1.jpgimages.jpgKelly%20CY9s.jpgBall%20CY14as.jpgdavis_300dpi.jpg (Favorite = Bette Davis. Mesmerizing.) Happy Friday!