Last Chance For a Signed Bookplate + Dresses

Forever%2B21%2BZanna%2BLace%2BDress.jpg Violet%20On%20The%20Runway-72.jpgThis is going to be an economically friendly post about Books & Dresses--two of my favorite things! Last chance for a signed bookplate for your Violet books. If you want to give one as a gift this holiday season, make it extra special with a personalized bookplate! Just email me with your recipient's name and where I should send it. Easy! Also, this seems like as good a chance as any to make an argument for giving books as gifts this year (and for putting them on your wish list too!). Luckily, already did that for me. So go read their reasons. PS-Another blog to visit today: Style Goodies, where Miss Angel has a fabulous roundup of Forever 21 holiday dresses under $30! (My favorite one is shown above. Yours?) Happy Tuesday!