I'm baaack, from Chapel Hill

Okay, sorry I've been such a bad blogger this week. I blame it all on a trip to Chapel Hill, which was fantastic fun. Except for a certain Saturday night basketball game. But I'm getting over it. Slowly.I'm going to paste a few shots from my trip (minus time with my mom and my brothers and my friends, who are all awesome), and then tomorrow we'll choose a winner for last week's contest. There's still time to enter if you do it now. I so want to hear about more shoes! bluenails.jpg Before I left, I painted my nails as close to Carolina Blue as possible. But it didn't help. IMG00031.jpg I met up with some awesome girls at East Regional Library, and Katie shared the shoes she mentioned for Wednesday's contest. V hot. chhs.jpg I went to my high school and took this hallway shot between classes. It looks just the same as in the 90s when I was there. Seriously. Not even new paint! onstage.jpg I did a show at Dirty South Improv, where I read from Violet by Design, and then told stories about my life (which the comedians mocked of, sort of). So much fun! springtime.jpg The blossoms were blooming on campus. I love Carolina spring. carolinalot.jpg I guess the lot was open on Monday. Wah. withsarah.jpg And I got to meet Sarah Dessen. What could be better? She was exceedingly gracious and kind to me, and she gave a completely kickass reading. I met Book Chic there, too! And I ran into David Levithan, who later read at the Chapel Hill Public Library. I haven't picked up his How They Met yet, but after tearing up (and then cracking up) at his reading, I definitely will. Haven't I told you laughter through tears is my favorite emotion? Happy Tuesday!