I Was a Real Life Gossip Girl

CG%20Gossip%20Girl%20cover.jpg When I saw the cover of the November COSMOgirl (RIP), I noticed that my story had a cover line (see lower left corner), which is usually a thrill. But then I realized I was being branded as a Gossip Girl, which I guess I was, but I'm not altogether proud of it. In any case, I let the magazine print a page from my diary, so I'm sharing it here too. Rest assured that I've learned a LOT since high school. I still like to talk (which is probably why I blog so much), but I keep it positive!

Here's the inside story: CG%20Gossip%20Girl%20story.jpg

And, after the jump, you can see the real entry from my high school diary, scanned in here just for fun. It's the same as in the magazine (except I so did not write "Dear Diary," but you can see my handwriting, if that's of interest.


PS-Something else to know about today: A Long Island school renames itself Barack Obama Elementary. Cool!