Fashion Week Skinny. Ugh.

hungry_crystal_renn.jpgJust a quick little ugh from me on the constant plight of keep-it-a-size-0 models who I see all around during Fashion Week. You know how the Violet books deal with this issue? Yeah, it's still a thing for me.I applaud Crystal Renn, who, with the lovely Marjorie Ingall, wrote HUNGRY, the story of Crystal's time as a model and the pressures she faced to stay skinny. amd_coco_rocha.jpg I feel sad for Coco Rocha, right, who just told the Daily News that she's been deemed "too big" for many designers this year (she's a size 4). Sigh. I wrote about Ali Michael's issues with this same thing back in 2008. And the once uber-famous Gemma Ward has been locked out as well, by choice or by BMI? We've still got a long way to go. PS-On a healthier-body note, let's hear it for awesome Olympics girls like Elena Hight, the snowboarder I interviewed for I Heart Daily today!