Emailing paper letters?

postalcard.jpgOkay, I'm a huge fan of real mail. I don't think I've gotten a letter from a friend in months, but I still adore them when they do trickle in... I know that girls still love the idea of hard-copy pen pals. Girls' Life magazine has a whole penpal section each month, which I think is a good sign.Anyway, I just heard about this service called Postful where you can send an email to with the mailing address in the subject line, write the letter in the email's message body, click send, and the email is printed and posted. You can even add photos to the letter! The cost? 99 cents for the first page and 25 cents for each additional page, which includes full-color printing, paper, envelope and first-class postage. It's not a handwritten note on fancy stationery, but it's something!