Dream Cars

Melissacar.jpg I just read that the #1 choice of car for teens is the Ford Mustang. When I was 15, my dad and I started looking for cars together. I had a dream car in mind. Yup, a classic 1965 Ford Mustang. This was 1993, but there were still some Mustangs on the road in our town. We even test-drove a Carolina blue convertible one, and I nearly crashed it because there was just pure force under that hood.As you can see by the photo here, in which I'm almost 16 and obviously unaware that my socks look ridiculous, I didn't end up with a muscle car. Quite the opposite, in fact. I had saved babysitting and birthday money for about six years (yes, I'm a total nut but I really, really looked forward to getting my license). I bought an '88 Ford Festiva, which I named Ferdinand, on the day that the North Carolina Tarheels won the '93 NCAA basketball championship. It was cheap, it was a stick shift, it was the perfect little car. Actually, it still runs--I just sold it to my brother, who drives it around Chapel Hill to this day. I would love to hear what dream cars you guys had/have! Maybe with the price of gas you have a dream Vespa?