Nominate your favorite '08 book for a Cybil!

First, I have to say this: I loved Nick and Norah! Michael Cera was fantastic, obviously, and so was Kat Dennings! David and Rachel--the authors--were so excited and giddy (spot them in the Veselka diner scene--they're the couple eating behind N&N). You can read what both of them think about the movie here and here. Oh, and the soundtrack was phenomenal. Bishop Allen especially rocked. Okay, gushing over. Go see it! PS-I saw James Franco at a bar after the movie. GOOD NIGHT.Okay, now on to the real purpose of this post. Do you guys know about the Cybils? Here's a little explanation, from the horse's mouth:
"We wanted a literary competition that combined the freewheeling democracy of the Internet with the thoughtfulness of a book club. Cybils lets the public nominate books here on our Cybils blog, but then bloggers team up to pick the finalists and winners. The winning books must combine quality and 'kid appeal.'" Here's where you can nominate books for the Young Adult category (just leave your book nomination in the comments--one title per person!). There are a bunch of categories, so look through the blog to find more if you want to name more than one title. Go nominate a book from 2008. It'll be fun. Also, see the widget for last year's winners! (Confession: I've only read one of these--Shannon Hale's Book of a Thousand Days... what about you guys?)