Cover Stories: Undone by Brooke Taylor

Today's Cover Story is from Brooke Taylor, whose debut novel, Undone, just came out and is getting awesome buzz.Here's Brooke's story: a1.jpga2.jpg "I had a cover idea after the book was finished. I love covers that are shiny block with like one object in the middle--like the Twilight books, or Looking For Alaska. And I thought it would be fun for mine to have a Post-it note dangling on mine--Dean Koontz's The Good Guy actually was very close to what I had in my head. In retrospect, I'm glad they didn't go with that--it is kind of boring. "My publisher didn't ask me for ideas, but I did ask them about it. They let me provide input--but thank goodness they didn't take it very seriously, because I love what they did and would've never suggested a model. It is too hard to get it right, but they did--the model they picked is so close to perfect it is scary. undone-lips%20REV%20cvrsm.jpg "When I saw the cover, my very first thought was--Oh, it's a person! See, I was sure they were going to love my Post-it idea, so to see Serena staring back at me was a little weird. It took all of 1 second for me to go--Love IT! "At first I didn't like the font--I don't even remember why. I think I was stuck on having more of a tattoo influence. But within a day I realized the font had this undone quality to it that made it the only choice. I doubt they would've changed it anyway. I'm sure they included my suggestions in the conversations, but I don't think mine carried any more weight than any other suggestion, and that's probably how it should be. "In terms of changes, we fixed up the color of her eye and darkened her lips. Small changes but they really make a huge impact. "In the end, I love my cover! It's perfect on so many levels." Thanks, Brooke! I have this book in my pile and it will certainly make it to Win-it Wednesday sometime this year. But you should read some of those above-linked reviews and pick it up now if it sounds like your thing! PS-Later today: The Violet in Private Release week party starts!