Cover Stories: Trance by Linda Gerber

Linda Gerber has another pull-you-in title, Trance, out this month. You may remember her cinematic, action-filled Death By... series (remember the covers with the pop-art cut-out covers? LOVE!). She's back to share her new, hypnotizing Cover Story for Trance:"The cover gods at Puffin have been very good to me. Theresa Evangelista was the designer of the Death by Bikini Mysteries covers, and I knew she was the one working on this cover as well, so trusted it would be fabulous. "When I first saw the cover, I was happy with it. I really liked Ashlyn's eyes and the trance-esque circles radiating from the title. Trance.jpg "In the end, there was just a subtle change, but it made a huge difference. After the first cover mock-up, they decided red would make the cover pop more than the blue. They were so right! I liked the cover in blue, but I love it in red. Plus, it has this cool, iridescent finish on the final version so that it catches the light. Pretty! TranceFrontLarge.jpg "Theresa has done it again. I absolutely love this cover." Thank you, Linda! I agree on the color change. The first one feels colder somehow, but I prefer the warm, red, pulsating nature of the final. What do you guys think?