Cover Stories: The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May and June

secrets.jpgRobin Benway shared her Audrey, Wait! Cover Story on Monday, and she's back to tell the tale of her newest release's gorgeous art.Here's Robin! "I thought that after having gone through cover anxiety with Audrey, that April, May & June would be a breeze. So wrong! So very very wrong! It's so nervewracking to get the image of your book cover emailed to you! "I had originally always had this idea in my head of three linked paper dolls again a navy blue background with the words 'April May June' written over their heads. I loved this image, but I was pretty sure that my publisher didn't want that as the cover. (It's probably why I became a writer, rather than a cover designer.) May.jpg June 1.jpg "Razorbill had asked me to send over some images of what I thought the sisters would look like (above, l to r, May and June--I could never find a picture that matched the April in my head) but when I saw the initial cover design, the girls looked nothing like the images! I was a little disappointed at first, but then the cover really started to grow on me. The feedback from my friends and family was amazing, too. It's difficult when you realize that your characters are going to be seen as something entirely separate from the image that you've had of them in your head, but now the girls on the cover feel like April, May & June to me." I don't know about you guys, but the primary colors of this cover totally drew me in! What do you think? PS-Robin twitters here, and her characters? They twitter here: