Cover Stories: The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

I've been wanting to read The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams for a long time. And I will! Soon! The story is about a girl who is coming of age--finding herself, falling in love--within a polygamist cult. I asked Carol to stop over and tell her Cover Story, because I think this cover is just gorgeous. Here she is:chosenone.jpg"I was working so hard on the novel that I didn't really even think of cover art. As a writer, I knew I wouldn't have a lot of say. My publisher didn't ask for input. They were busy experimenting, I think. And listening to the news. The book sold two days before the Texas stuff came to light and I think they were listening to that news, watching that unwind, and pondering what to do with the cover. "I was in New York, visiting everyone at St Martin's Press, when my editor and Michael brought what they thought might be the cover for me to see. I was sitting at a table and I remember they set the piece before me and I actually couldn't believe what I was seeing. I remember it had the beautiful picture (that may have been in more grays--I'm not sure). And there was the pink lettering. I fell in love right that minute. I was blown away. My agent, Steve Fraser, was in the room and he and I just kept saying, 'Oh the cover is beautiful. It's just beautiful.' Everyone was relieved that I loved it--including me. But how could I not? "I know there was talk at SMP about what the model should be wearing, that she would be in a to-the-neck nightgown in real life. You know, something less revealing. But when I saw the cover, I thought, 'This is Kyra, free. This is Kyra on the inside.' I've never really had any say on my covers before. And maybe if I hated the cover SMP would have changed it. But I loved it so much (I know my editor Hope Dellon was worried I might not like it) that I very nearly cried sitting at that table. I'm still taken aback at the beauty of it. I don't really love many of the live-model covers we see now-a-days, but mine feels timeless. Three cheers for the creative geniuses at St Martin's Press! I lucked out, didn't I?" Well, I think so. I'm so intrigued by this story, and I love the idea that the cover shows Kyra's freedom, the way her back is mostly bare, and her braid is loosening. What do you guys think?