Cover Stories: Spring Break by Kayla Perrin

Kayla Perrin's Spring Break Cover Story is up on Unabashedly Bookish at Barnes and Noble, but I thought I'd leave a teaser here. The cover went from the original version (left) to the final version (right):Spring Break-original.jpg SpringBreak-better.jpg And here's an excerpt: "Now, you have to understand how conservative publishing is. They like things black and white -- literally. So they had two black college girls on the cover, but didn't include the white girl. My agent and I were able to convince the publisher to try something different, and even my editor thinks the new cover is fantastic. Ashley needed to be there. I hope that readers are able to see beyond 'color' and pick up this book because it's a great read!" Read the full Cover Story here. You have to register to comment, but I'd love that! Happy Saturday!