Cover Stories: Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

somethingmaybefinalcovertoMelissa.jpg You guys know that Elizabeth Scott is one of my favorite people. Lots of you are mentioning her books in the Win-It Wednesday contest this week, which is only natural since she is a master of teen romance! Something, Maybe does not disappoint--you will love the chemistry in this book. Here's Elizabeth with her Cover Story:

"I really didn't have an idea for the cover--the original title for the book was LIVE! NUDE! MOM. [Elizabeth explains the title change here]--and I just knew I wanted something that played on the surprise and energy of the title. What it would be, I had no idea!

"My editor and I did talk about it, and we agreed that we wanted to go for something that had a similar feel to BLOOM and PERFECT YOU since both of those are romances as well. And since both of those covers have a very specific look, we needed something like that.

"So my editor sent me a bunch of pictures--and we picked one--and luckily, it still worked when the title was changed to SOMETHING, MAYBE.

"The image was a stock photo that Lisa Fyfe, who is a fabulous designer, played around with to capture the feel of the book (and to make sure Hannah's hair was blond on the cover since it is in the story!)


"The moment I saw it in the packet of photos I was sent, I knew it was the right one. And it stayed the right one even with the title change, which means it really captured the book!

"My editor is fabulous about cover design, and she always asks for my thoughts. In the end, the big change that was made was taking the cover from white to blue, which really made it more eye-catching. And as I said, Lisa changed Hannah's hair color so it matched her hair color in the book, and played around with the bracelets on her wrist so they were more noticeable. It's strange, but subtle changes can really make a cover pop! And, of course, the cover itself went from being white to blue--which maybe doesn't seem that big, but it really made a difference!

"I love the cover! I think it captures the spirit of the book really well. And here are all the pictures I was sent back when we were first looking for covers--and you'll see this was back before the title was changed!"

smcover1.jpg smcover3.jpg smcover4.jpg smcover5.jpg smcover6.jpg smcover7.jpg smcover8.jpg smcover9.jpg How fun is it to see all of those covers!? Thanks to Elizabeth and Simon Pulse for sharing them. I think they made the right choice. How about you guys?