Cover Stories: ReVamped by Lucienne Diver

ReVamped.jpgLucienne Diver is here to share the story behind the second gorgeous cover in her Vamped series (remember the tale behind Vamped?). Here she is: "Flux did such a fantastic job with the cover for my first novel, Vamped, that I wasn't at all worried about what they'd do with ReVamped. When my editor wrote to say they'd come up with the concept of my heroine, Gina, filing her nails to sharp points, I think the only comment I had was to suggest the color of polish. I was sure I couldn't love any cover as much as the first (below right), but apparently, I'm fallible. Who knew?

Vamped.jpg"The first time I saw the ReVamped cover the nail file didn't yet look like a nail file. It was just a preliminary, so I didn't actually love it right away, but after's beauteous! It's a stock photograph that the art department modified. I'm amazed they found something that captured the feel of the book so well. I kind of prostrate myself before the Flux art department in homage.

"I could literally stare at my cover all day. I can't wait to see what they come up for Fangtastic, which is the next book in the series (and Fangtabulous, the one after that)!"

OMG, I'm loving the beauty vibe these covers have -- lipstick, nails, teeth, oh my. What do you guys think of the cover?