Cover Stories: My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours by Kristina Springer

MFBIBTY.jpg Kristina Springer's My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours is out this week, and she's touring with the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit. (Also, she has a hi-larious cover.) Here's Kristina, sharing her short and sweet Cover Story:

"I didn't have any cover ideas at all! I couldn't even begin to think of what would fit my book so I pretty much think the FSG art department is full of geniuses because my cover turned out way cute.

"When I first saw my cover, I loved, loved, loved it! They asked for comments, but I think I pretty much just said 'OMG, I love it!'

"The cover changed such a tiny bit that I never even noticed. My husband pointed out to me that one of the phrases on the cover of an early image wasn't on the final book.

"Overall, I love it so much--I think it's cute and fun and fits the book perfectly."

Thanks, Kristina! I love how the cover is actually like packaging that would be hanging in a store--just noticed that. It's a cover that makes you want to keep looking at it for new hilarity. See the sides, flaps and back cover at Kristina's blog.

What do you guys think?