Cover Stories: Head Games by Keri Mikulski

Head.Games.jpgKeri Mikulski shared her Cover Story for Screwball here in 2009, and now she's back to talk about her new release, Head Games:"As I began writing HEAD GAMES, I definitely pictured a cover that consisted of a combination of boys and basketball. But when it came to the actual moment, I was so engrossed in writing and revising the book, I didn't even think about the cover. "When I first saw the cover, I was in love! Natalie Sousa, the fabulous designer at Penguin, truly captured Taylor Thomas, the main character. And she did a great job implementing the different features of the first two Pretty Tough Books - PRETTY TOUGH and PLAYING WITH THE BOYS (below). The smirk, the clothes, the beach court, the basketball, the feel of the cover - perfect! prettytough.jpg pwtb.jpg "The original version changed a bit. The basketball scene in the background was tweaked to make it more obvious it was a guys vs. girls game. "The final cover truly captures the essence of the book - from the basketball to the romance to the beach to the tension on and off the court - it's perfect!" Thanks, Keri! I love books about sporty girls who are also somewhat girly, and of course I'm totally intrigued by the runway/modeling angle! What do you guys think? PS-Here's the trailer: