Cover Stories: Gamer Girl (paperback) by Mari Mancusi

gamer girl softcover.jpgMari Mancusi's Gamer Girl has a really great Cover Story that I ran when the hardcover was released. Today, the paperback is coming out, and Mari has an update to the tale. Here she is: "It's been a year and a half since the original Gamer Girl came out in hardcover, though it's lived on throughout that time as part of both the Scholastic Book Fair and Book Club. (In fact, I think that's where the majority of my readers discovered it!) And I've realized the best thing about this cover is that it's easy for readers--many of them manga artists themselves--to recreate it. I've gotten tons of fan art from readers who drew their own versions of Maddy and Allora, which I love!



Gamer_Girl_by_Mari_Mancusi_by_BlueFireFoxChibi.png Ceiling_Tile_by_dramapixie97.jpg GAMER_GIRL_m_y_v_e_r_s_i_o_n_by_XCloseXToXNothingX.jpg

"Now it's time for the paperback version of the book to be released. They kept the same cover--which I'm thrilled about--but added an extra tagline, which you have to turn upside down to finish reading. I think the tagline really makes the book pop. It asks the question: 'What do you do when your ho-hum real life - doesn't live up to your amazing virtual reality?'" (Compare the two covers below, hardcover on left).

gamer hardcover.jpg gamer girl softcover.jpg

Thanks, Mari! I think the tagline is great, and I know Gamer Girl has been a huge reader favorite. I loooove the fan art. Seriously, that is amazing. I still remember when a reader named Hailee dressed up like the cover of Violet in Private -- I loved it!

What do you guys think of the Gamer Girls cover and its subtle change?