Cover Stories: Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols

EndlessSummercover.jpgThe lovely Jennifer Echols is here as part of her Girlfriend Cyber Circuit tour! Her book, Endless Summer, is a repackaging of two previous books -- The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer. Look for a sweet and hot love triangle with the Vader Brothers next door during Lori's summer at the lake. Here's Jenn, and she's got a whopper of a cover change to show!

"At first I had a cartoon cover. I thought it was adorable like my other cartoon covers, but I had heard the look of the books might be changing in the future, and I wished they had changed mine. I think covers have moved away from the cartoon, and it now looks younger than my books really are.

Boys_Next_Door_jepg.jpg EndlessSummercartoonH546.jpg

"And then they changed it! And we all loved the new cover (below). In fact, the sales department loved it so much that they moved up the release of the book from August to May.

EndlessSummercover.jpg "I grew up on a beautiful lake in Alabama, and Endless Summer is based on my experiences there. And I have to say, this cover is a little eerie--in a good way, because it looks awfully familiar. In other words, it's perfect, I had no changes to suggest, and I couldn't ask for more."

Thanks, Jenn! I love that they combined both books into one -- reader bonus! And I think the new cover is gorgeous with all that blue sky and the red title treatment. I agree that it makes the book look much older (and, uh, sexier).

What do you guys think?