Cover Stories: Deadly Little Games by Laurie Faria Stolarz

games cover.jpgLaurie Faria Stolarz shared the story behind Deadly Little Secrets, the first book in her Touch series, and she's back to tell us about the cover of the third book, Deadly Little Games."Since it's the third book in the series, I had an idea of what they might do for the cover. The first two books show a female character (but not her face), in a dark outdoor setting (the woods). Since this book takes place in winter, I knew they'd incorporate snow in some way. I'm happy with the covers to these books. I like how beautiful they look together and the fonts the artist chose. I also like that we don't see Camelia's face. It's more mysterious and it doesn't overly influence how the reader will picture the character. secrets cover.jpg deadly 2 cover.jpg games cover.jpg "I loved the Deadly Little Games cover right away. I haven't found any hidden meanings within the cover of this book, but with the first book in the Touch series (Deadly Little Secrets), the hand of the girl on the cover is slightly illuminated, hinting at the touch power that the characters have." Thanks, Laurie! What I really love about this whole series of cover is the sense of movement they have. Also, I'm a sucker for covers that include weather, and I'm especially feeling the snow right now (there's something sparkling and magical about the flakes, right?)... What do you guys think? PS-Watch the trailer (and enter the contest Laurie's hosting!)