Cover Stories: Captivate by Carrie Jones

captivatecarrie_jones.jpgLast year, Carrie Jones shared her awesome Cover for Need right here, and now she's back to talk about the New York Times Bestselling sequel, Captivate (Bloomsbury)! Congratulations on the amazing success of this series, Carrie, and thanks for being here as part of the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit tour.Take it away, Carrie! "I had no cover ideas -- I am so horrible at that. My publisher didn't ask for input -- and when I first saw the cover, I sort of passed out because it was so awesome. "My editor asked if I wanted to make suggestions, but I didn't want to. I really loved the cover. Except, I wanted to apply a little wax to the girl's eyebrows. That's just me though. I'm obsessive. "I have no idea if it's a stock photo or a photo shoot, actually. * feels dumb * Bottom line: I really love it. I love that it ties into the cover of the first book. I love that more of her face is exposed." And sometimes a Cover Story is just that simple -- especially when it involves a gold glitter tear. So pretty and emo. Sigh. I actually love her eyebrows--and those lashes (divine!). What do you guys think? Here's the book trailer btw: PS-There's a Bloomsbury sweepstakes going on that has some big prizes! Enter here.