Cover Stories: 4 at Unabashedly Bookish

Just a heads up on a few Cover Stories that have been published over at Unabashedly Bookish for Barnes and Noble.stay-cover.jpgStay by Allie Larkin (that's Allie's dog on the cover!). Joe, the dog in the book, was inspired by my dog, Argo. I offered to take some pictures of Argo, to see if we could get anything usable. I took over 1,000 pictures of Argo in our backyard on a Sunday afternoon, and sent the best ones along to Dutton to choose from. Read more... falling-apart-in-one-piece.jpgFalling Apart in One Piece by Stacy Morrison. "They came back to me with three cover concepts, and I remember opening the email and just holding my breath. It's crazy how in love with your book you are at the end, and how seeing the cover for the first time is just SCARY. I opened the first image and... my heart sank." Read more... cover-winging-it.jpgWinging It by Jenny Gardiner. "When I first saw the cover I loved it! I liked the starkness of it, loved the humor in it--itty bitty parrot mug shot LOL." Read more... just-like-me-only-better-carol-snow.pngJust Like Me, Only Better by Carol Snow. "When I saw my cover, I thought, 'Oh, my God! Another woman with something stuck on her head!' This is three in a row." Read more... Happy Tuesday! PS-I recently did a fun interview with Hannah at Book Wonderland, and you can win a copy of Lovestruck Summer + one other book over at her blog.