Cover Stories: 3 at Unabashedly Bookish

I had a magazine event last night (I spoke on a panel for -- anyone who wants to work in magazines, you must be on this site and getting their newsletter! Go!), so I didn't get to cook for Dave and show you a new cooking mishap like last week's.But I do have something to share: Three Cover Stories that were posted at the Unabashedly Bookish blog on Barnes and Noble's site. Yay! Here are some excerpts. Click through for full stories: n350667.jpgScars by Cheryl Rainfield. "Going as far as showing her own arm on the cover, author Cheryl Rainfield has drawn on her own personal experience of self-harm to offer an insider perspective in Scars. 'It's a book I care deeply about,' she says. 'It's so important to me to help break the silence, and offer some hope.'" Read more... sisters red.jpgSisters Red by Jackson Pearce. "My comments were just 'OMGOMGOMGOMG' and other thoughtful, articulate things. I suggested they not even put my name or the title on the book cover, since it's like a piece of art. But Marketing insisted that the title and my name be on the cover." Read more... fallbig.jpgFalling is Like This by Kate Rockland. "I wanted to see a cover with a jpeg image of a woman on it. Now, I know there's been a lot of controversy with feminists about women's novels that have a picture of a woman on it. Sometimes they don't show her face, or they only show parts of her body, leaving the viewer with a somewhat strange feeling, like the female character isn't being seen for her true self, she's chopped up, she's hiding." Read more... Thanks for making Cover Stories fun for me on this blog, so much fun that the franchise is expanding! Yay! Happy Tuesday... PS-Jackson Pearce just did this awesome Writer's Block video to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok." This is totally how my day goes.