Cover Stories: Wolfsbane

Andrea Cremer shared the Cover Story for the hardcover of Nightshade last year, and since then I have eaten pizza with her and can confirm that she's as awesome as the books she writes. Seriously. And now she has a newly redesigned paperback! Plus, the second novel in the Nightshade trilogy, Wolfsbane, was just released. Here's Andrea to talk covers:

"I didn't have a specific idea for the cover, but it always involved wolves and blood.

"When I first saw the new covers, I was thrilled. To me the new covers depict Calla perfectly. The new Nightshade cover (right) drew on the poem that inspired Calla's character. The poem is one of Margaret Atwood's and its first stanza is 'Not you I fear but that other/she who walks through flesh/queen of the two dimensions.'

"The Wolfsbane cover: First of all it's green! My favorite color! I think it continues the theme of depicting Calla's strength. The concept is that she is crouched under the moon about to shift into wolf form. I love it!

"There were some small tweaks - usually about getting the color of Calla's eyes just right.

"The covers (both the originals, shown below, and the new designs) all feature the same model. Her name is Amber and she is the perfect Calla. Penguin had photo shoots for both designs.


"I love all the covers and I feel so lucky to have such a talented design department handling my books. Calla anchors the Nightshade trilogy so getting her right is essential - that has always happened and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!"

Thanks, Andrea! These books have been international bestsellers, and I think the cover change is really interesting. I actually adore the original covers, but maybe the new ones are more appealing to guys, too? Less girl-face-on-cover with bright colors?

In any case, this series is really great--smart, full of action and with lovely literary and historical nods.

What do you guys think of these covers?