Cover Stories + Win: So Much Closer

Last week's winner of Unbreak My Heart is... Aly! Send me your address, A, and thanks to everyone for sharing library love.

This week, just comment on the Cover Story here to enter to win a copy of Susane Colasanti's new paperback release of So Much Closer! Susane was here last year to talk about the original hardcover (pictured below) and now she's back to discuss the brand spanking new paperback version (left):

"Can I just say how much I adore the shiny new paperback cover of So Much Closer?

"This is the first time one of my book covers changed from the hardcover to paperback edition. I loved that the photo shoot for the So Much Closer hardcover was done on the High Line. The High Line is my favorite place here in New York. It plays a big role in the book and has a really unique energy. But my publisher received feedback that the original cover (right) was too street.

"The photo shoot for the paperback cover took place in Hudson River Park, another setting from the book. Ironically, Hudson River Park is right near the High Line. The cover designer toned down the urban vibe by blurring all the buildings in the background. Those buildings are actually in New Jersey – from this vantage point, we’re looking across the Hudson River.

"Aside from the setting, what I love most about this cover is how the designer creatively hid the models’ faces. That umbrella idea was totally brill. I hope you love it, too!"

Thanks, Susane! I think these covers both have a very similar feel that's true to the book, but I am a SUCKER for umbrellas (not to mention cute rain boots) so the paperback has a slight edge for me.

What do you guys think? Comment below for a chance to win the paperback!