Cover Stories: Something Wicked

The cover for the anthology of nightmares, Something Wicked, makes me wish I had a Halloween costume just like this. Kelly Parra has a short story within its pages, and she's here to talk about the cover: "When I first saw the cover for Something Wicked I thought, 'Wow, eye-catching!'And that’s what I really like about covers. I want them to be unique and give you a little punch at first glimpse.

"Buzz Books's first young adult anthology Prom Dates to Die For was shot with a model (right). My first story with teen supernatural hunters Jaz and Blake were introduced in my story 'Darkness Becomes Him.' They did an entire behind-the-scenes video with a teen model. I really enjoyed that. This time I believe the girl with the painted face may be a stock photo. But I can tell the choice really gave the spooky vibe the publisher was going for.

"I'm very pleased with the Something Wicked cover. The model gives a paranormal creepy feel with the death mask, yet the pink flowers and dress make it just a bit feminine. We do have one male author in the collection, however, you can tell this anthology wants to entice female readers of YA paranormal."

Thanks, Kelly! I have to say that I think the cover is stunning -- I seriously want that look in my closet for Wednesday. It's very Day of the Dead, right?

What do you guys think?