Cover Stories: Poser by Marley Gibson

I'm always interested in modeling covers since I have the Violet on the Runway series, and Poser by Marley Gibson is way more urban-glam than Violet's cover looks. Here's Marley to talk about her cover: "I wrote this book in 2005 and it was entitled LIFE OF CHAI, as the heroine is named Chai Devareaux.  My agent, Deidre Knight, actually signed me on this book. Sadly, the book didn’t sell, but when The Knight Agency began their digital publishing last year, Deidre immediately suggested this book. I changed the name to POSER (since I love double entendre titles) and that’s when we began looking at the cover. I always imaged there would be a model on the cover, but never one as amazing as this one!

"My agent has a form that authors fill out to share their version of the book cover. Then, the information gets sent out to the graphic designers and they run with it. My original idea for the book was for it to be a a teenage girl with no makeup, ponytail, backpack, looking into a full-length mirror and seeing her glamorous, model self in full hair and makeup looking back at her. Again, I knew I wanted a beautiful girl in a fabulous dress.

"When I first saw my cover: Honestly? I gasped. Truly gasped. The colors popped out and I couldn’t believe my name was actually on this fabulous cover!

"What the designer produced was smarter and better than what I’d envisioned. The model really pops, as do the colors. I did a small survey with some teen readers and 100% of my survey loved the cover and can’t wait to read the book.

"I adore this cover!  The only real 'hidden' thing in the cover is the actual title, POSER. It’s a double meaning that relates to the heroine of the book. It totally represents her life, her challenges, and what’s expected of her from her mother and their relationship."

Thanks, Marley! Poser is $2.99 as an e-book, so check it out.