Cover Stories: In Honor by Jessi Kirby

I had the chance to hang out with Jessi Kirby in Houston last month, and I can confirm that she is fantastic and fun and smart and all the things she seems to be. Also, her new book, In Honor, apparently contains a Tim Riggins type. SOLD. (Read a review from A Book and a Latte.)

Here's Jessi to talk about the cover:

"My publisher asked for input before they got to work on the cover, and I said 'It’d be really great if you could somehow include the car, (which is a 67 Chevy Impala), and Honor in her dress and red cowboy boots.'

"When I saw the cover, I absolutely LOVED it.  Truly, madly, deeply loved it. From the font, to the car, to the boots, it was EXACTLY what I was hoping for.

"My editor is always open to comments and suggestions, as is the art department, who goes above and beyond to try and keep everyone happy. With this, the one thing that we asked was that there be some reference to Honor’s brother being a Marine.

"The art department actually went back in and put a set of dog tags dangling from Honor’s hand, which I thought was subtle and just perfect. That was the only change.

"I believe it’s a stock photo, and I definitely think it captures the feel of the book. In the end, I feel like I did the very first time I saw it—I am head over heels for it."

Thanks, Jessi! I am SO excited to read this one, for so many reasons. The cover is certainly one. Such a small town, summery feel that I just adore. Also, I had never noticed the dog tags but now I see what a perfect touch they are!

What do you guys think?