Cover Stories: Enthralled

Jeri Smith-Ready stopped by for her GCC tour! She's shared her Cover Story for Shade, and now she has a story in a new anthology edited by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong. While it's not exactly her cover, she does have some thoughts on it: "I LOVE the cover for ENTHRALLED. It’s mysterious and evocative. The stories are all about journeys and road trips, and the cover brings out those elements well. The girl looks like she’s on an uncertain road but has the confidence she needs to get where she’s going.

"I also love the spine, where the road-vanishing-in-the-distance segment is mirrored top to bottom, i.e., it’s upside down at the top of the spine and right-side up at the bottom. Lovely touch. I adore all the art elements of this book inside and out."

Thanks, Jeri! I love the mist around the girl in this image. I haven't been able to find a picture of the spine--anyone seen one?