Cover Stories: Catching Jordan

You guys, I'm reading Miranda Kenneally's Catching Jordan right now, and it's filling my Friday Night Lights void! Yay! Here's Miranda with her Cover Story: "I imagined my main character, Jordan, lying head-to-toe in a patch of grass with her best friend, Sam Henry. She’d be holding a football and he would be playing with some white clover.

"[My publisher] didn’t ask for input, but I couldn’t have been happier with the first options I saw.

"There were three options (see below), and I didn’t have any comments other than, 'I love them!'


"Believe it or not, the first time I saw the final cover I was standing on an airport runway during a meeting. I got really excited and showed everyone with me. The colors really popped and the moment was surreal, because I had been working on the book for so long. Also, I thought the guy’s bicep was really hot. I believe they used a variety of stock photos.

"The title of the book ended up changing [from Score], so that was a big deal. Otherwise, it was mostly little tweaks – adding the purple helmet and changing where the fonts were centered on the page.

"At first, I didn’t even think about the meaning of the 50-yard line running between them. Then I started to realize that it symbolized Jordan’s inability to let go and follow her feelings, rather than what she thinks she’s 'supposed to do.'"

Thanks, Miranda! First, I love the title change. And while I do like the girl-in-grass pics, the final image is epic. It's a great scene, a movie poster, a perfect image. The fact that SHE is holding the helmet is fantastic too, and of course, it fits.

What do you guys think?