Cover Stories: Buried, a Goth Girl Mystery

Linda Joy Singleton has been here to share her Cover Story for Dead Girl Walking, and she's back to talk about her latest novel, Buried: A Goth Girl Mystery: "For this cover, I actually thought they would show more of a Goth girl. I wanted something with a girl in dark flowy clothes, netting, piercings combined with a mysterious setting.

"Flux usually asks me for suggestions and I did a search on Goth girls and sent some of my favorites in as examples. I wanted something beautiful, edgy and mysterious.

"When I first saw the cover, it was a surprise, not what I visualized but dramatic and mysterious. I liked it! I think early on they looked at my suggestions, then did their own thing. I trust them to be the professionals and to know what's best in a cover. I always ask myself is my adult taste the same as a teen? I'm not sure if it is, so I'm glad to have professional making the final decision. I'm pretty sure it was a stock photo with some artistic tweaking to get the full mysterious look.

"The cover shows a goth girl in a frame, which represents my heroine being pushed into a tight corner and trying to break out from how society expects her to behave, yet also caring about her family. The look of shock could represent the moment she finds a dark secret buried in a grave."

Thanks, Linda! I think I've gotten so used to close-up covers that this one takes me a moment to process. It almost has an adult novel feel to it. I do think the mystery comes through, and there's no doubt that it says supernatural. What do you guys think?