Cover Stories: A Need So Beautiful

Suzanne Young's new book, A Need So Beautiful, scored a star from Booklist, which deemed it "a clever and well-written fantasy." It's also got an absolutely glowing cover. She stopped by on her Girlfriends Cyber Circuit Tour to tell us about it:

"I had an idea for the cover, but ultimately it would have been too dark. The idea for this one was there from the start, and I think it really captures the warmth and essence of the book.

"When I first saw the image, I was stunned. I loved it. But it didn’t truly hit me how beautiful it was until I saw the entire jacket and back copy:

"Mostly just the colors changed a bit. I didn’t have anything that I wanted to change, so luckily I was pretty happy. It was very different from my first cover experience. [Read about Suzanne's Naughty List covers.]

"It was a photo shoot. I got to see the model they picked, and even got a behind the scenes photo during the shoot. It was very exciting."

Thanks, Suzanne! Check out the behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot (right)--love that fan hair-blowing effect. Like I said, I'm into the glow, and so much yellow! It stands out for me.

What do you guys think of this cover?

Oh, and here's the lovely trailer.