Breaking Into Fashion

cruiseslip2020408.jpg I'm still feeling the urge to honor Fashion Week. It's all-pervasive in New York City, and I must acknowledge it.If you are at all intrigued by the modeling world (or if you just appreciate clean, smart writing) you really owe it to yourself to check out "Tatiana" and her latest brilliant blog from Jezebel's Modelslips series: "I'm a Model; The least I can do is wear the clothes." And remember, all you dreamers, I did long ago write a little ditty about how to get into fashion editorial, and you can find it right here. But honestly, could you wear heels like these? Even for a minute? I couldn't. Maybe that's why I'm a writer and not a Fabulous One. So my question for you is: Do you have anything in your closet that makes you sacrifice comfort for fashion? Oooh, what is it? PS-Party pics coming--I promise!