Bonus Cover Story: READ MY LIPS by Teri Brown

Teri Brown's Read My Lips came out last summer, and for me it popped off the shelves in the bookstores. Maybe it's because of the colors, or the face, or just the entire composition. Anyway, here is her Cover Story:read%20my%20lips%20final%20cover.jpg "The only idea I had for a cover was someone with their finger to their lips as if saying, 'Shhhh....' I told that to my editor and luckily she was thinking the same way. For me, it was the most obvious thing. My book stars a deaf girl and there was just no way you could capture that in a picture. "I believe the model was shot just for the cover, but I'm not sure! When I saw it, I loved it, but I was really surprised they put the whole face. There's a cover trend of the heads being cut off in the picture and that's kind of what I expected for READ MY LIPS. To my surprise it was the whole head and the girl was very close to how I imagined Serena to be. My only problem with it is that Serena is kind of edgy when the book begins and the cover doesn't convey that at all, but it was so lovely, I ended up not caring! "The cover didn't change at all from the original version, and I ended up loving the font and the colors so much I had the title tattooed onto my ankle!" tattoo.jpg I love that Teri got a tattoo! And I agree that this cover is really sweet looking. What do you guys think?