Bonus Cover Stories: The Secret Keeper by Mitali Perkins

Secret_Keeper_Mitali_Perkins.jpg I'm thrilled to have Mitali Perkins tell her latest Cover Story for Secret Keeper, a book I cannot wait to read! (Too many good books is a nice problem, I know, but I still wish I had more hours in the day for the to-read pile). Here's Mitali!"When it comes to art, I'm in the appreciator rather than the creator category. My publisher asked me for input, and I told her that there were a glut of covers set in India with girls peeking over veils or around sarees. I didn't want something that felt too 'ethnic.' "When I saw this cover, I LOVED IT! I was so happy. I think it's a stock photo. Because I 100% loved it, I had no suggestions. I hope the art department enjoyed the rave email I sent to my editor. "I am VERY pleased with this cover; I think it captures the feel of the story perfectly." And sometimes, people, it's just that easy. Love at first cover. I think the cover model's downcast eyes (gorgeous lashes, btw!) are perfect for Mitali's story about a girl who keeps her heart in secret diaries. The colors and patterns are just indicative enough of its Indian setting. What do you guys think? Watch the book trailer here: