Bonus Cover Stories: Grimmer Tales by Erik Bergstrom

grimmertales.jpgI'm over at Barnes and Noble's Unabashedly Bookish blog again, sharing the Cover Story for Erik Bergstrom's GRIMMER TALES, a cracked fairytale cartoon book (which is undeniably hilarious, if a little dark). Some people have said they have trouble commenting on that blog -- it does require registration -- but swing by for the story in any case (he illustrated his own cover)!Here's a teaser: "We ended up going with the cracked Humpty on the wall with his brains pouring out. I think of Humpty as the naughty narrator throughout the book (he makes several appearances), and Penguin really liked the king and his horses eating his runny brains...." Read the full story. PAPER TOWNS.jpg Also, just for fun, Little Willow sent me a Paper Towns cover I hadn't seen (left), so I thought I'd show it. I think I like happy/sad Margo better (below), but this third one is pretty in its own way, no? Anyone know where the white cover comes from? papertowns-side-by-side_02-26-08-743840.JPG