Cover Stories: Between Here and Forever

Elizabeth Scott has been here before to share Cover Stories (which I'll link to when my blog is fully functional again--soon, soon!). Now, she's on a Girlfriend Cyber Circuit tour, and she's back with a beautiful tale of Between Here and Forever: "I had no idea about the cover at all--when I'm writing, I never think what I'm writing will be published, so I don't think about it. I wasn't asked for input on the cover, but let me tell you, this cover was everything I had no idea I wanted--and MORE!

"When I first saw my cover, my exact thought, as written to my editor, was, 'OMG I LOVE it! It's so perfect and holy crap, the way it ties into Bloom [below left] is BRILLIANT!!!' (I tend to be very caps happy when I'm happy :-)

"Everyone at Simon Pulse is amazing about taking feedback--at some houses, you just get your cover and that's that, but Pulse really listens to its authors.

"The cover on the book is the exact image I first saw, which is rare, as usually there's at least some tweaking. It's a stock photo, and I adore it. I love how perfectly it fits the book, and I love that it's a nice shout-out to  Bloom as well."

Thanks, Elizabeth! I love soft greens and girls with flowers. It just gets me every time. What do you guys think?

PS-I should also note that Elizabeth's 2010 novel, The Unwritten Rule, is out in paperback with a new cover. Compare the hardcover and pb below. I like both, but I have to say, that orange-red dress on the gray background (and that fanning, glossy hair)? Divine.