Ah, Veronica

514EFGGJN4L._SL500_AA240_.jpg So, the fashion editor at the magazine where I'm freelancing for a few weeks handed me this book and told me I should read it. "It's kinda like your book," she said. "But for adults." It's dark and deep and a beautiful read. I stumbled across this character description today and just swooned..."At night, she sailed out wearing absurd clothes as if they were Givenchy gowns. Once when I complimented her on one of her mismatched earrings, she pointed at the sky and said, 'That earring means, Don't look at my finger; look at the moon.'" How silly and lovely and brilliant and mad! I adore characters like that, especially fashionable ones. Isn't it fun to find the wild and crazy beautiful people in life? The book is called Veronica, and it's by Mary Gaitskill. I like it that I have a "Veronica" in Violet on the Runway, too. Fate? Oh, and I had to tell you about this contest, which is a good one, at a fun blog called Presenting Lenore. (And yes, that mention gets me another entry... hey, I like to win stuff too!)