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Friday, April 18th, 2014 Melissa Walker

It was fun to hear about all of the books you guys are reading, but now my to-read list is so long. I can usually finish a book a week, but I like to read four at once, so I’m always switching off. Anyway. The winners of last week’s contest are: Monica A (who wins Poseur + clutch) and nadine-stella (who wins Frenemies + clutch)! Now, since I had the honor of reading with author Rachel Maude last night (which was a lot of fun, btw! *hi* to the girls I met!), I got another copy of Poseur so I could give away a bonus surprise, and that one goes to… cute little redhead! (Sorry, no third clutch to give out for that one.) Send me your addresses, M, N-S and CLR.
smallbook.jpg This week, I’m giving away a signed copy of Susane Colasanti‘s debut novel When it Happens. I haven’t read her new one (Take Me There) yet, but I really enjoyed WIH. It’s the story of Tobey and Sara, two high school seniors who are made for each other, if they can just relax and get together! The story is told in alternating points of view–first Sara’s, then Tobey’s, which is so great. I mean, don’t you always want to know what your crush is thinking? Susane used to be a high school teacher, and she’s a really fun person with a fantastic character voice. You will love it!
To enter to win, comment below and tell me about your first crush… I’m feeling excessively nosy. Mine was on this guy named Scott who had dark hair and the bluest eyes. When we were in third grade, I used to always try to sit near him in class and get next to him in line. Sigh. I also used to wish with all my heart that he would lean over and kiss me on the cheek. Yeah, my fantasies were very racy. So… who was yours?

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  1. Victoria says:

    Well *Cringe*, me and my best friend used to like the same boy so we shared him. ;) We were about 8 – LOL!

  2. bunny says:

    My first crush was this boy who took the bus with me to school and we were in the same kindergarten class! :) He was really cute and nice!

  3. S. Krishna says:

    My first crush was this guy when I was in the third grade. I don’t think he ever spoke a word to me, but he was so cute!

  4. Amy says:

    My first crush? Rick Springfield. I was 10, but I totally wanted to marry him.

  5. Amee says:

    My first crush was in first grade. His name was Clayton and he was a good inch or two shorter than me. He liked me too and we hugged at lunch once. Then my best friend (a girl named Brodie who was taller than me!) stole him. Literally! She had him come tell me in the computer lab that I was too white and he didn’t like me anymore (the kids called me ghost because I was so pale, still am, lol). I spent that day’s recess crying on the swings. I wonder whatever ever happend to Clayton and Brodie. Hmm….

  6. Amee says:

    My first crush was in first grade. His name was Clayton and he was a good inch or two shorter than me. He liked me too and we hugged at lunch once. Then my best friend (a girl named Brodie who was taller than me!) stole him. Literally! She had him come tell me in the computer lab that I was too white and he didn’t like me anymore (the kids called me ghost because I was so pale). I spent that day’s recess crying on the swings.
    I wonder if I’d even remember his name if it hadn’t been for the traumatic way it ended.

  7. Amee says:

    Oops, my computer said it didn’t go through the first time. Weird.

  8. GirlwiththeBraids says:

    My first crush was in the third grade. He was smart, funny, and actually cared about people! Those were the days…

  9. Meredith F. says:

    My first crush was on a little boy who went to my church and was in my class. His parents and my parents were friends and so we had play dates too! And I used to spend the night at his house all the time.
    I remember this one time that I was at his house and this other little girl was at his house, too. We were all in his backyard and she was trying to get him to herself. Well, he didn’t want to be with her, he wanted to be with me! So, he bit her on her shoulder, and she ran inside crying, and we were able to play all we wanted! In a wierd way, it was very sweet.
    And I was about 2 at the time.

  10. Amy H. says:

    My first crush was technically on this guy Joey at Kindercare, waaay back when I was four or so years old (and yes, I do remember very vividly my Kindercare years

  11. TheBookworm says:

    Hmm… My first crush… I honestyly can’t remember! Ever since I have been in school (starting from preschool) I have had crushes. Some last/lasted a few days, few hours, few months. My crushes are split 50/50, 50% famous actors and 50% classmates.

  12. Chrissie says:

    Oh gosh, I think my first REAL official crush was when I was 11/12ish, on this boy who was about two years older than me and looked JUST like one of the guys on Party of Five (not Matthew Fox, the other one, I can’t remember his name!). He had the dimples and everything. I swooned everytime we were together, which was a lot because we were good friends. Nothing ever happened, though, which was for the best because my next big crush came when I was 15… and he became my first boyfriend! We broke up but got back together years later, and we are married today! :)

  13. Melissa Walker says:

    In kindergarten, his name was Harrison and one of my other friends liked him too. We chased him around the playground! It’s so funny looking back.

  14. Lis says:

    Ahhh my first crush…
    this was when i was in fourth grade, he was in my class too!!
    his name was victor and his birthday was the exact same as mine!! we were born on the same month same day and same year. i thought we were meant for each other just because of that alone and he was so nice : ) the last day of school i remember taking a camera so that i could try and get some pictures of him hehe and i did! : ) yeah i was a crazy little kid with a crush

  15. Ink says:

    In kindergarten, a girl and I would hide put under the slide at recess and kiss. I guess you would call that a crush… lol

  16. Krysten H says:

    My 1st crush was this guy named Andy who was in the Christmas pageant and sang. He was a year older and so hot. He fell on the playground and they were afraid if he fell asleep he’d go into a coma and it was the night of a sleepover & all of us were like holding vigil for him & i don’t even think he knew any of our names. He was also like a foot shorter than me.

  17. Pretty says:

    My first crush was this guy named Brandon.
    He use to always hang out with girls which made me jealous.
    We would have a love-hate relationship, since we
    were always arguing when we saw each other.
    Good times. It’s still a bit awkward when I see
    him sometimes because he found out that I liked him.
    I was never sure if he liked me back.

  18. Cyndi says:

    I’ve been dying to read that book! :D Anyway my first REAL crush was on a guy named Jeremiah. I don’t really remember why I crushed on him in the first place except that I thought he was cute with his dark hair and brown eyes and he was extremely funny. Other than that there isn’t much to tell. I was young and that about explains it all. lol

  19. Dawn says:

    My first real crush was a guy named Kaleb. I really, really liked him in 8th and 9th grades. He was a football player and just…hot. I used to get really excited whenever I would see him or he would talk to me. Ends up that he totally used me for my brains in junior high and then knocked up a girl after high school. Sad.

  20. Pooh says:

    My first crush was my neighbour. He was cute and I would often look out my window. XD I was about 7 yrs old at that time. But in 3rd grade, I liked another guy and I wasn’t sure who I liked. I spent 2 years thinking about it. But eventually the crush faded away and I did not like both guys. HAHA. My neighbour still lives opposite me but who cares! He looks so dorky now. =))

  21. Diana Dang says:

    My first crush was a Vietnamese boy named Brian when I was in 4th grade. A bully/friend at the time was mad at me for something so she told him my feelings. Humiliation, I wonder if he still remembers after 7 years…?

  22. Chelsie says:

    Ah, my first crush =D JJ, in first grade… he was so cute and bucktoothed, and I was so completely in love. I always used to play Kiss Tag with him… where he would run and I would chase him and try to kiss him. Unfortunately, the kissing part never worked out although he had been known to trip and fall on accident, which gave me plenty of opportunities.
    Either way, I still think about him =D What would have happened if I hadn’t moved… hmm.. =P

  23. Matt D says:

    My first crush…. OK, here goes:
    I was in Kindergarten, so 5 or 6 years old. And there was this girl Karen….. I had fantasies where I would ride my bike by her house, and for some reason she’d be trapped inside on the second floor – like a house-fire or something, and I would climb up the tree to her window and rescue her, always being thanked in the form of a big hug, a nice kiss, and undying proclamations of love.
    So, One day when our respective moms met at our house for some PTA business, and Karen was brought along, we were sitting and coloring, so I asked her to marry me. Her response was to wait until we were older and ask her again.
    So, the next year, in 1st grade, I reminded her of the conversation, and, still smitten beyond the telling of it, I asked her again. And she said, “When I said to wait until we were older, I meant when we were like, 12, or something!”.
    I never did ask again after that……

  24. I can’t believe I won, YAY!
    My first crush was in second grade. I was new to the world of dating, since I hadn’t heard anything of it back in Cameroon, so I had no clue what was going on. All I knew was that I really really liked him. And he was sooo CUTE. I told my friends about it and they either told him or almost did. I don’t remember. But I was soo mad cause if my mom would have found out, I don’t know what would have happen to me. lol. She’s NOT one for dating and such.
    *don’t sign me up for this one, since i won the last one.. YAY!

  25. Liviania says:

    I don’t remember my first crush. One memorable crush, I shared with a friend and we used the code name “Turtle boy” because he reminded us of . . . a turtle. Less than a year later we wondered what we were thinking and only weren’t too badly embarrassed since the other had the same odd taste.

  26. diana says:

    I had my first crush at daycare (I started early). His name was Robbie, and he had dirty blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He was really sweet, too, so all my friends fell for him as well.

  27. Katie says:

    My first crush…. hmmm well i guess that it would have to be not very long ago actually his name is Trey and i thought he was amazing… but now i dont even like him so i guess its kind of a sad story:( but now i have other crushes:)

  28. My first crush was in fourth grade. His name was Brendan and he was a big, bad fifth grader. We both went to the same hippie-dippie elementary school in southern Maine, and one winter he told me that I was so good at building snow forts that I was as fun as a boy to hang out with at Recess. I cried buckets when he graduated from the fifth grade. My aunt’s wedding was a few months later, and I remember having my mom play “Right There Waiting” by Richard Marx (dating myself, here) over and over while I cried and asked her if she thought Brendan and I could ever get together. She did the good mom thing and told me that if it was meant to be it would happen. I spent almost all of middle school telling myself that’s why I couldn’t get a date – fate was saving me for Brendan.
    As it turns out I met the love of my life, Mark, a few years ago, at 23, and we live together now in Austin. I found Brendan on Facebook a few weeks ago and noted a few things: baby face is gone, he has a receding hairline, and he seems to have turned into a bit of a meathead. I showed Mark and told him I was lucky my prayers weren’t answered.

  29. Liv says:

    Oh gosh. I don’t even want to go there. But I will. Just for you.
    My first crush was in second grade I think and the guy was adorable! He was really cute and quiet and I think he was rather scared of me because I was super tall. That in itself wouldn’t have been so bad, but then my best friend decided to tell our whole class I liked him. She did it in a very methodical way too; standing on the stairway while we all came upstairs after lunch. Everyone knew within a period of ten minutes and one girl even came up to me and asked me if we had kissed yet. My second grade self was completely mortified and I spent the rest of the day sobbing on my desk. And the poor boy had the same teacher as me so we had to be in the same room together for the rest of the year. *cringes*
    Bad memories…

  30. Sarah W. says:

    This boy in 3rd grade. His house burned down and he moved. He was just smart and awesome.

  31. Cassidy says:

    My first crush was in 2nd grade. He lived on the same street as me and our families were close.
    One day in school though, I wrote in the first diary I ever kept (I’m up to 13 now) that I had a crush on him and naively left the diary at my lunch table to get lunch. When I came back, the whole table was laughing and the friendship I had with the boy disintegrated.
    There have been many more crushes (and even a boyfriend) since then though.

  32. Paradox says:

    My first crush was this shy kid in first grade that would run away when I came near him. I had to contact him through this girl who was his friend, I’d give her a note that said “I love you” to give to him. He gave it back to her and she said he didn’t want it.

  33. bella aire says:

    My first crush was in kindergarden. I remember loving his thick brown hair and the adorable brush of freckles across his nose. We played gargoyles and Star Wars together at the swing set. I always assigned myself the part of his female love interest in any role he played ;D haha I don’t think he ever got the hint…oh, well. Boys. They are soo oblivious. But what can a girl do lol?

  34. Laura says:

    In kindergarten at the Sacred Heart School, EVERY little girl had a crush on Andrew. He was so dreamy.
    but then he was really mean to me once when I was doodling on my homework, so that passed pretty quickly.

  35. Gloria says:

    We were 5, in kindergarten and the first boy I ever kissed. We met on graduation day in pre-school and our moms became insta-best friends that day. We spent so much time together between the ages 5 and 10, every weekday in school and weekends shopping and running errands with our moms. It was an awesome time. 2 moms and 4 kids crammed into a little black 2-door beater car driving all over the city. He got better looking with age too. Now at 31, he’s the cutest I’ve ever seen him. Sharpest features and reddest lips. Wow!

  36. TG says:

    I’m pretty sure it was Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains. I liked how he was a “bad” boy with an overall good heart. And that brown jacket…sigh. first crushes are always the hardest to get over.

  37. Robby says:

    my first crush on a girl was a girl named Brianna Sullivan.
    it was in preschool…
    one day, we went in to the bathroom, and i kissed her on the cheek.
    all of the teachers were watching.
    when i think back to that day, i can never stop laughing.

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