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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 Melissa Walker

Love, love, love all the ideas about what era you’d like to live in (or visit). I think I agree with some of you that it would be fun to go back for a medieval ball or a San Francisco 60s-style protest, but the here and now is pretty much where I’d like to stay in a permanent way. However, one of you will get transported back in time with Shannon Hale‘s Book of a Thousand Days, and the randomly chosen winner is… feudal-loving Ink! Send me your address, I.
cover_thirteenreasons.jpg This week, I’m giving away a copy of Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why. I actually read this book because a bunch of you guys mentioned it in blog comments (I’m listening!), and I’m glad I did. In case you don’t know, it’s about a girl who commits suicide and leaves tapes that describe why she did it… the protagonist is a boy named Clay who receives the tapes one day. We listen along with him… and Hannah’s story is incredibly touching, not to mention eerie (I can’t imagine listening to it on audio!). And not to get shallow, but don’t you just adore what Hannah’s wearing on the cover? Those soft ballet hues and the gorgeous shoes? So lovely.
Anyway, to win a copy of Jay’s fantastic debut, just comment below and tell me what you’re looking forward to as summer approaches. I’m going to my first backyard bbq on Saturday, so that’s mine–hot dogs and burgers and watermelon and sunshine!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Dreading summer because my sister/best friend is moving to Texas August 3rd, but I AM looking forward to running season (first marathon June 1st!), corn-on-the-cob, bonfires on the beach, and tri-tip sandwiches!
    Yes, I am WAY behind (been busy) but I did finally peek at the photo of you on the WVA farm (gorgeous, bucolic, and reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie). GREAT Picture!

  2. Summer will bring my graduation from Triton College. I wont cross the stage, but I’ll probably be the youngest person to get my Associate’s in Arts (I’m 18!) And I’ll transfer to Columbia.
    You could say I’m looking forward to the rest of my life?
    Also, have you had a chance to get your hands on Stephenie Meyer’s The Host?

  3. PJ Hoover says:

    I’m looking forward to spending way more time with the kids! Pool. Vacation. Fun! It’ll be my first summer as a full time mom/writer, so yay!

  4. Kelly Wynne says:

    Why am I looking forward to summer?… Hmmm… On a negative note, I’ll have to do various school/educational things throughout the summer until the new school year. =(
    On a positive note I’m going to a drive through a safari! And I’ll get some more hours of driving under my belt since it almost three hours away.
    I’m going to overnight camp this summer, it’ll be my seventh summer going. =) And my friends will be there.
    And then I’m going to another overnight camp. It’ll be my first time at this new camp, and I’m excited to make new friends.
    Hopefully, I’ll get to go up to New York and see all my cousins and have a blast! Not to mention more hours of driving under my belt… =P
    And my dad is going to have his knee replaced. That doesn’t sound so fun, but I’ve been bugging him for ages! I’m happy he’s going to do what’s best for his health. And he won’t be able to drive for two weeks so… more hours of driving to go under my belt!!
    And the library. They always have fun stuff during the summer and the awesome book club. I’m looking forward to reading some good books.
    Speaking of good books, Maria (person above), I’ll be heading to the library this evening to pick up books for my research paper =( … and The Host! =D
    So yeah, that’s my rough agenda for the summer. Throw in a few lake/pool parties and BBQs/picnics that I’ve already been invited/on my knees praying I will be invited too. xP
    Have fun this summer, Melissa!

  5. Irene says:

    I’m looking forward to Art Camp. They don’t accept just anyone, and I have an interview next week so I’m super exited and anxious. I hope my work is good enough C=

  6. Alea says:

    I’m looking forward to the nice weather for my walks downtown to my bus home at the end of the day and the nicer weather in the morning to wake me up!

  7. Katie says:

    ok im going on a cross country trip w/ my grandparents and ill get to see all my family that live far away so i cant wait :)
    that and pool lounging
    Luv ya

  8. Dawn says:

    Well, I guess the thing I’m looking forward to the most is having time to read. I think I read quite a bit as an English Major during school, but most of the time it’s not what I would pick to read. (Not that it’s bad, but I never have been a big fan of British Literature. Sorry Jane Austen fans!) For the next four months I get to read whatever I want and there is nothing really stopping me from doing so. No classes, no homework. Sure, I have a full-time job…but still. My nights are blissfully free to spend in someone else’s mind. :)

  9. Cat says:

    Ok, I so need a copy of this book, it sounds right up my alley…
    What I miss about summer? Having the summer off (alas, I never cherished those days as much as I should have…)
    But the best thing? Bar-B-Q’s and flip-flops. We just got a brand-spanking new grill and I am loving it! BBQ’d food just tastes sooooo much better.

  10. Hillary says:

    I’m looking forward to pick up games for soccer, band camp, and not having school. And buying my school clothes for next year…that’s my very favorite!

  11. Megan says:

    What am I looking forward to? No school would have to be a good answer, but it’s not a completely truthful one. I’m definitely looking forward to going to FBLA Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia this year, also working (yeah, I’m wierd. Sue me), and of course reading!
    PS — I really, really, really want to read this book. Badly.

  12. Jessica says:

    Ahhh! Summer! I’m looking forward to the pool, the nice weather, not going to school, and a summer tennis camp (my dad is the coach), and going to a Jonas Brothers concert!

  13. Amy says:

    What am I looking forward to this summer? The sun! May it get here SOON!
    RWA San Fran
    Lounding in the pool (see first comment).

  14. Tempestt says:

    I have been wanting to read this book so bad, you always pick the best books for your contests!
    What I am most excited about this summer is the weather and hopefully a trip to Florida, that would be my first time in a plane. I have been wanting to take a flight for the longest!

  15. Megan says:

    Okay. So this is tough for me because I am not a big fan of summer.
    So maybe So You Think You Can Dance? Since it is a summer series.

  16. Andy says:

    spending the summer with my girlfriend ofcourse

  17. I’m going to be going backpacking on Isle Royale this summer, which is in Lake Superior, just about an hour south of Canada via ferry for a week, so I can’t wait for that!
    Thanks for the cool contest!

  18. NC says:

    I’m looking forward to visiting my cousins. I haven’t seen one of them for 5 years!

  19. ah summer, the time when i do not have to worry about loads of schoolwork. and i’m going to volunteer at the library, which is always loads of fun. and besides, it’s where the books are :D

  20. Meredith F. says:

    I read this book! It is so good, a little sad, but good!
    As summer approaches, I am looking forward to vacation from work and reading as many books as possible!

  21. Cyndi H. says:

    I’ve been dying for a copy of this book! Thanks for this opportunity! Anyway, what I’m looking forward to this summer would have to be the Jonas Brothers concert that I’m going to go to with my best friend, because we are such huge fans. I’m also looking forward to learning how to drive, terrified, but excited at the same time. :D

  22. bunny says:

    Oooh! Lucky Ink!!! :)
    I live where it’s summer all year round :P
    But I am looking forward to swimming and BBQs! :)

  23. Tali says:

    Alas, Summertime.
    I’m looking forward to: BBQs (have one today!), swimming, camp– seeing my friends that I haven’t seen in a year and no homework!
    how can it get any better?
    This book looks so good!!

  24. Meredith says:

    I am so looking forward to sitting under a tree in the shade, reading a book and sipping some water or lemonade looking out over my newly purchased home (soon to be hopefully) and enjoying a lazy summer afternoon! Also looking forward to that first real grilled hot dog and hamburger – nothing tastes better – well except for that fresh ear of corn!
    Reading seems to have been on the side lately and I need to get back to it! Summer is always a great time to do that!

  25. Rylie says:

    I’m looking forward to summer movies and concerts.

  26. Liviania says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this novel from blogs as well, although I haven’t read it yet.
    I’m most looking forward to going to Las Vegas to see my sister and her baby. She’s now nearly eight months old and I’ve not seen her much because of the distance. We’re also trying to time our trip so that we can see Elton John. He’s a bit before my time but I’m still very fond of his music.

  27. Chloe says:

    i am looking foward to school ending lol. i just want it over with. also because ill be in highschool next year and im excited for that!

  28. Chloe says:

    THE BEACH!!!!!

  29. Amy H. says:

    I’m looking forward to hopefully getting a job, as well as seeing the Red Sox play in Cincinnati in June! Gonna be exciting :D
    Although mostly this is going to be a really weird summer. Off to college in the fall, this is the last time a lot of my friends and I will be seeing each other for a good long while. Oh man. ghfkdgjsf.

  30. Ink says:

    I’m REALLY looking forward to summer, because I’ll have more time to read books. Also, I’m planning on starting on a novel, but I have to choose which of the many ideas in my head to go with…

  31. Regina says:

    I look forward to:
    1) Getting my hands of Kate Brain’s latest book, Ambition
    2) Getting a new computer (maybe)
    3) No homework days! =]
    4) Going on holiday??!!
    5) Shopping!!!11
    But among all, I look forward to tomorrow the most! I’m meeting a famous singer!! She isn’t world wide famous yet but she’s a star on YouTube! Yippeeee.

  32. ambeen says:

    I’m looking forward to all the awesome books I’ll be reading. Maybe I can add this one to the list!

  33. andy says:

    im looking forward to spending the entire summer with my g/f

  34. Alexa Young says:

    I’m looking forward to finishing book two in the FRENEMIES series…and going up to the Alisal Guest Ranch with my family in July…and reading Thirteen Reasons Why. I got chills just thinking about the premise. Whoa. XO

  35. emily says:

    i am looking forward to being a junior counselor at a theatre camp in vermont. it’s going to rock! i get to spend a week painting sets!

  36. Grace L says:

    Two words: NO SCHOOL
    hahaha, I’m just looking foward to summer in general: hanging out with friends, going to the beach, playing tennis, sleeping in…the usual summer dream.
    I’m especially looking forward to sleeping in because this year I had (and still have) zero period and so I have to get up before the sun even rises sometimes!! Its absolutely crazy!
    oh yea, and reading books…but I figured that was just a given.

  37. Pretty says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing my best friend since
    I don’t get to see her often. I’ll also just love to relax and not worry too much about school!

  38. Stephanie W says:

    I’m looking forward to snowcones. =)
    Enough said!

  39. Sherry says:

    Just time to myself in the summer weather. Driving to family’s house, and having a romp of a time! School work just sinks me, especially near the end of the year, and it’ll be finally nice to have a little time where I’m not stressing myself out of my brain.

  40. Christy says:

    Let’s see, we are about to finish our yearbook in a couple weeks and I’m really excited! It means going to school while everyone is starting vacation but it is worth it. Then off to Texas for Nationals for Student Council. Also going to Chicago, TWICE. Once with the family and the other with friends. Then journalism camp and just hanging out, working, swimming etc. I LOVE summer!

  41. Nevin says:

    Hey Melissa,
    I’m looking forward to not having a snowstorm every other day…..and of course, going shopping for sandals!!!! I’m a shoe fanatic and a change of season is definitely a good reason to buy more, right?

  42. Lenore says:

    I am looking forward to lots of reading and travel – a typical summer :)

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