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Friday, April 25th, 2014 Melissa Walker

51GUcSEqFGL._AA240_.jpg So many entries last time! Fun! Hearing about why you love your age was great, especially since it seems like everyone’s pretty happy. Happy is nice to hear.
The winner of the signed copy of Violet on the Runway, chosen by random number generator from entries on myspace and on, is… 18-year-old Tempestt Patterson, who is starting college next year and voting. Woohoo! Send me your address, T.
This week, I get to give away a signed copy of A Little Friendly Advice, the debut novel from Siobhan Vivian, whom I had the chance to read with this month. She seems awesome, and the book is really great, especially in the way it explores girls’ friendships with all their ups and downs and confusions and heart-soaring (and breaking) moments. Plus, there’s a plot twist. I love a plot twist!
So to win SV’s signed book, just go visit me on one or all of the reviews I mentioned yesterday, then tell me you did that below (I trust you, even if you don’t leave a comment on the review sites). Or visit Book Chic’s review of Violet by Design, which just posted. And f you want to, tell me where you mostly read book reviews. I’m curious.
PS-Here are a few other fun book contests to enter. You are so welcome.

Win a signed copy of Screwball by Keri Mikulski from The Book Muncher
! (Enter by 9pm TODAY!!)
Muffins.and.Books is giving away a copy of R.A. Nelson’s Teach Me and a Japanese snack! Ooh, I hope the snack is Pocky! (Enter by April 2nd.)
Elizabeth Scott’s super-generous iPod-or-$200 gift certificate blowout! (I cannot compete with this contest, which runs through May 2nd.)

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  1. PrincessB says:

    Hi! Visited the (good!) reviews : )

  2. Tasha says:

    I visited all the reviews!! Most of them I’ve already read, but I visited them again.

  3. ooh, i just love that book. it’s amazing. thanks for posting a link to my contest :D

  4. Chelsea says:

    Hi I visited the reviews, their cool!

  5. Chelsea says:

    Hi I visited the reviews, their cool!

  6. Megan says:

    From what the reviews say (and what I thought anyways) your book sounds super good.

  7. Melissa N says:

    Hi. I visited a couple of the reviews, and I usually read reviews on The Book Muncher or wherever I come across them in blogs :)

  8. I just read the review ;) They make the book sound great ;)

  9. Ink says:

    I saw the reviews! Yay me! I’ll get a copy of it eventually, and possibly talk my library into it as well!

  10. Liviania says:

    I visited the reviews!
    Ooh . . . Pocky.
    Er, yeah, where I read book reviews.
    I don’t read them there, but I write my own at In Bed With Books.
    I read some from PW (online only), Dear Author, Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books, Lesa’s blog (, and several others. In print I read the book reviews in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (if I’m in FW) and The Onion.

  11. Paige says:

    I visited Teen Book Review. I usually read reviews there & at Bildungsroman.
    And may I please be entered? I really can not wait to check out A Little Friendly Advice!
    - Paige

  12. Sherry says:

    I don’t really like reading reviews much, at least not until I’ve read the book and formed my own outlook on it (I unfortunately have that gene where I’m influenced by what other people say). But I mostly frequent personal blogs like bookmuncher, pageflipper, compulsive reader, etc.
    So, yeah, I visited some of the links :).

  13. Tali says:

    I checked out some of the reviews… I’m gonna pick up a copy soon hopefully! I don’t go usually go to one particular site, I just click on all different links and hope the blogs are good for reviews!

  14. Irene Guberman says:

    I visited the reviews, I’m really happy for you

  15. NC says:

    I read the reviews. :)

  16. Bohae says:

    I read the reviews – *smiles* :)
    I basically read reviews from all the blogs I visit (we’re definitely a bookish community).
    Let’s see…Three that first come to mind:
    Squeaky Books
    Shelf Elf :)

  17. Lucy D says:

    Wow, those reviews are really good! I’m so happy for you. =) I especially liked the Beyond Books one! Congrats!

  18. Karin says:

    Read Jocelyn’s review….

  19. Chelsie says:

    I visited the reviews, and if I didn’t want to read Violet on the Runway before, then I definitely do now. I plan on reading it asap.
    And when it comes to where I read my reviews, I’d say that I read them all over. Occassionally in some of my favorite author’s blogs they’ll talk about books they’re reading (such as your book was mentioned on Sarah Dessen’s blog, although I can’t remember when it was) and then I also read other reviews from other reviewers like myself. Speaking of which, thanks for stopping by my review blog =D

  20. I don’t really read too many book reviews because I like to judge for myself, but most of the time I end up reading the Page Flipper’s or Book Chic’s because their buds of mine and usually I can count on them to get me some good stuff.
    Which means I guess you already know which book review I went too. Nice banter between you and Alexa.

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